Angel of Hope ist ein Blog über die Schaffung eines außergewöhnlichen Kunstwerks, einer 3 Meter hohen Marmorskulptur eines Engels, die auf einem etwa 1 Meter hohen Sockel installiert ist. Der Marmor stammt aus Carrara - einem bekannten Ort, der für seine lange skulpturale Tradition bekannt ist. Seinen Platz soll die Skulptur in Deutschland einnehmen. 

Veronika wird Sie bis zur endgültigen Einweihung mit Bildern und Eindrücken des Arbeitsprozesses auf den neuesten Stand bringen. Drücken wir die Daumen und legen los.

Stone sculptor Veronika Bianchi wants to spread a sign of hope with her huge angel made of Carrara marble. 
Unsteady times, so much bad news: the sculptor Veronika would like to see more honesty between people and a peaceful coexistence. The angel she designs should give a feeling of hope. 
A main helping hand with the realisation of the sculpture is  Moser Stein Stonemason Company 
situated in Heidenheim-Schnaitheim, which will offer it's working space for the finalisation of the sculpture, build a pedestal and do the final montage work.

Veronika will update you with the pictures and impressions of the working process, until the final inauguration. Let's cross fingers and get started.

December 2020, Carrara, Italy                                       FIRST STEPS
The block, which originally weighted 15,8 tons was carried from the quarry by a truck, and brought to a small sculpture studio situated in Carrara. I felt fear and enthusiasm at the same time. The stone looked now even much bigger than when I saw it almost one year ago, when I came to Carrara to choose it. Because of the pandemic circumstances I had to wait several months to start the work.

First I made a small 20cm tall model in marble, to understand better how to position the figure in the block.
I made the first measures and started cutting off the superfluous. The winter in Carrara is quite rainy, so the work conditions weren't always comfortable. But the will to get the angel out was stronger than the will to be safe and warm.

Tons and tons of marble were slowly converted into pieces of trash. It's somehow sad to see how much of precious marble has to go wasted, to get finally out what my mind has set up.

A friend of mine Luca Galassi, which is a talented filmmaker, came by to record a video or the work in progress. He has a special sensibility for the details and the beauty of the moment. Soon, when the sculpture will be more advanced, the video will be posted.
This is all happening during December 2020. I will post more pictures in January. I am curious how it will look like, as this is a discovery process also for myself.

On 22.2.2021 landed the angel in Heidenheim-Schnaitheim in the Moser Stein company.